Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Little Soapies!

I am always working on new soaps. Tweeking, experimenting, trying to find the perfect mold, or make the perfect mold. After months and months I am finally happy with the out come and then comes packaging and how am I going to label them. For over a year I have been working on soap lollipops. I have searched for the perfect mold, bought many, made my own and now I finally have what I was looking for. BEHOLD the soap lollipop! Currently they are in 3 scents, Pink Starwberry, Lemon Yellow and a Blue Blueberry. They are so so cute! I am also offering them in a box of 12 , perfect for party or baby shower favors. I am open to custom scents & colors for special orders.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Soap Favors

I decided to add Favors to the Soap Cafe site. I have done soap favors before for baby showers and birthday parties but they were never on my site, just done as special requests. I have done mini cupcakes, donuts and soap slices. I have added regular size donuts and whole soap pies to the site so far in the favor section. More items to come soon such as the mini donuts, mini cupcakes and cookies! Here is a photo of a dozen soap donuts!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

National Pie Day is January 23rd. Why not celebrate calorie free with a 3 pack of Soap Pie Slices. This 3 pack is new and just added to the site.

You may choose scents from a list of pre-paired scents. I will be adding new slices in the coming few weeks. I am really excited about some new offerings from Soap Cafe. I have been writting down ideas for years in notebooks and it sometimes takes a while to perfect them the way i want and find the proper packaging.