Sunday, October 25, 2009

Black Eye Licorice & Graveyard Bar - 2 pack

I've been working on some Halloween Soaps for a few days and finally finished them up. I am so happy with the way they turned out! Below is the listing on Etsy, since they are the "normal' soap cafe treats!
Your soap is looking at you and there is a skeleton in the shower, it must be Halloween. Each box contains one of each 4oz bars, for a total of 8oz. The first bar is our Black Eye Licorice bar, which contains 3 soap eyes and in smells just like black licorice. The second bar is a Graveyard bar and contains a soap skeleton and is scented an osthmanthus, floral/fruity scent. Two soaps packaged together in one clear box, each shrink wrapped.


Anne-Marie said...

I love your Halloween soaps! The embedded eye balls turned out awesome!

Tonya - Soap Cafe said...

Thanks! The molds from Brambleberry are great!