Thursday, March 27, 2008

Soap and other stuff like pregnancy & parties

So being pregnant is no longer fun. I hate getting dressed for work, sun dresses all day everyday would be nice instead of pants, but I usually wear pants to work and I only have one "work type" dress that will fit around this ever expanding middle that umm, well keeps expanding. Maternity cloths are either really dorky and full of flower prints and ruffles or really expensive, like $80 for a shirt expensive. Can there be some middle ground?

On the Soap Cafe front things are really busy lately. I will be adding some new items soon that I am really excited about. Some are old items in new packaging and others are just new.

I have been mulling over baby shower ideas also. Since we don't know if we are having a girl or boy I have been looking for options of both as far as shower themes. I really like the hot pink, orange and brown idea with circle and lines and have found some cute things. I am going to try and make a story board thing up on flicker and see what it looks like. Well off to do that!

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Anne-Marie said...

We have one gal at work that is pregnant and I know she feels the same way about maternity clothes - really pricey and not all that fashionable.

Thankfully, we work in a warehouse so it's not a big deal to show up every day in comfy sweats =)